Carol Shea-Porter Gives Herself a C+ Grade

School is back in and Carol Shea-Porter is giving out grades for Obama herself. In an interview with Concord News Radio yesterday, extreme partisan Carol Shea-Porter accidentally gave herself a less than glowing grade in a futile attempt to distance herself from PrC+esident Obama:

HOST:If you had to give a letter grade to the administration over the previous 6 years, what would you give them?”

SHEA-PORTER:Well, you know, I have said in the past ‘B-’ and some things are lower and some things higher. I have had my quarrels with the administration and I think they have been public. But I also believe that they have worked hard in other areas. . . So I would say probably I would still stick with the ‘B-’ and maybe a ‘C+.’”

When only 37% of likely New Hampshire voters approve of President Obama’s job performance, no wonder even Carol Shea-Porter is trying to run from him. Now if she could just hide her hyper-partisan record over the years that’s in lock-step with President Obama and Democrats in Washington:

SHEA-PORTER votes with President Obama about 89 Percent of the time. (Rep. Carol Shea- Porter, Congressional Quarterly, Accessed 9/3/14)

SHEA-PORTER votes with Democrats 94 percent of the time. (The Sunlight Foundation’s OpenCongress, Accessed 9/3/14)

SHEA-PORTER: I’m not going to pretend that I am voting with the opposite party half the time, I’m not, I’m not.” (Rep. Carol Shea-Porter, Remarks At A Town Hall, Manchester, NH, 1/23/10)

SHEA-PORTER: And so far I have voted, I think, 100 percent of the time with [Democratic Leaders] because frankly I think they’re 100 percent right.” (Chelsea Conaboy And Annmarie Timmins, “Shea-Porter, Hodes Follow Pelosi’s Lead,” Concord Monitor, 4/15/07) 

 So Obama rubberstamp Carol Shea-Porter really just gave herself a C+ grade.