Can Chicagoland Residents Trust Brad Schneider Anymore?

He actually did it. In less than two months, Brad Schneider flipped positions on whether Chicagoland residents should have to endure the health care law’s onerous individual mandate.  Yep – Brad Schneider went Washington just like that.

In July, Brad Schneider voted for a one-year delay from Obamacare’s individual mandate – the same delay that President Obama gave corporations and businesses from the employer mandate.

How quickly things have changed.  Last night, Brad Schneider changed positions, voting against a one-year delay of the individual mandate that would have also prevented a government shutdown.

But for Chicagoland residents, it’s really a matter of fairness. Brad Schneider voted to give corporations and businesses a one-year pass from the health care law, so why doesn’t he think Chicagoland residents still deserve the same relief?

With such unequal treatment of businesses v. individuals, it’s no wonder that broad majorities of Americans support the individual mandate delay as part of a government funding deal:

•    55% of poll respondents, including 56% of Independents, support a one-year individual mandate delay as part of a government funding bill.

The Bottom Line:
Brad Schneider switched his vote on Obamacare’s individual mandate delay in order to join Washington Democrats’ gridlock politics. If Brad Schneider can change his position that quickly on a matter of basic fairness, how can Chicagoland families trust him on any other issue?