Brad Schneider’s Pelosi Partisan Politics

Chicagoland residents will get to see the real Brad Schneider as he campaigns today with his extreme liberal, hyper-partisan Democratic leader: Nancy Pelosi.

Yes, despite all Brad Schneider’s talk against partisan fighting and gridlock, he’s forged an alliance with Nancy Pelosi that shows his true partisanship.

Brad Schneider has been a dedicated champion for Nancy Pelosi, and she knows she can count on him:

•    Brad Schneider votes with Democrats 90% of the time

•    Brad Schneider voted for Nancy Pelosi to be the Speaker of the House

•    Brad Schneider made a $500 political contribution to then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi

So it’s no wonder Nancy Pelosi is in town trying to keep a devoted supporter like Brad Schneider in Congress. While Nancy Pelosi tries to fire up hard-core Democrats for Schneider, voters in the moderate 10th congressional district can’t be pleased with his bait-and-switch politics as a loyal partisan in Washington.

The Bottom Line:
Brad Schneider promised Chicagoland residents bipartisanship and results, but instead he’s delivered partisan votes, backbencher status, and now Nancy Pelosi in their backyard. Brad Schneider would rather rally with a political lightening rod like Nancy Pelosi than put his rhetoric into action and actually give Chicagoland families a record of results worthy of their votes in November.