Brad Schneider: What Veterans’ Health Care Scandal?

It’s been 35 days. In this time, scores of lawmakers and veterans organizations have stood up and spoken out against shocking reports of veterans denied timely health care. But not Congressman Brad Schneider.

Is he, like Nancy Pelosi, uncertain if this is a “scandal” yet worth commenting on?

Or is he content to take a back seat while Senators Mark Kirk and Dick Durbin show leadership and demand answers for Illinois veterans?

While the scope of the mistreatment remains to be seen, the VA’s breach of trust reaches every congressional district, including to the veterans who live in the 10th Congressional District of Illinois that Brad Schneider claims to represent.

For a candidate who promised to “get things done,” Congressman Brad Schneider is too often found sitting on the sidelines. Instead of Brad Schneider’s silence, the veterans of Illinois’ 10th Congressional District deserve a leader who will stand up and fight for the quality, timely health care they’ve earned.

How many more days will go by before Brad Schneider finally speaks out?