Brad Schneider: Two-Faced in Congress

There’s few things voters dislike more than hypocrisy in politicians. But that’s exactly what Chicagoland residents are getting from Congressman Brad Schneider on the health care law.

Brad Schneider has been a loyal champion of the health care law, campaigning in support of the law last year and voting for it again and again and again this year.

But now, he’s donned a two-face mask in a desperate attempt to have it both ways.

As Chicagoland residents face the law’s broken promises with lost health plans and higher costs, Brad Schneider all of the sudden voted to mitigate the law’s disastrous consequence of canceled health plans.

What was that about? It’s Brad Schneider’s transparent attempt to run for political cover while Chicagoland families are left with the unfairness of the health care law he’s supported.

And a new Washington Post/ABC News poll out today shows how unfair Americans think the health care law really is:

•    Nearly 4 in 10 voters (39 percent) say that if a candidate for Congress supports the [health care] law, they would be more likely to oppose them.

•    Fifty-seven percent of Americans oppose the law, compared to just 40 percent who support it.

•    More than 6 in 10 Americans (63 percent) say they disapprove of the way Obama has handled the law’s implementation, nearly double the 33 percent who say they approve.

The Bottom Line:
Chicagoland residents deserve better than the two-faced politics of Brad Schneider.  While Brad Schneider hopes his constituents buy into his new-found position, Chicagoland families facing lost coverage and higher prices will hold him accountable for the health care law disaster he’s already sold them.