Will Engel admit her role in scheme to funnel money to failed Dems?

damning report from the Washington Examiner revealed that failed Democrat candidates were getting paid to run for Congress a second time by secret progressive groups.

A liberal organization is running an operation to “ensure repeat Democratic congressional hopefuls get paychecks between runs” and ran a similar scheme in 2019, which “drew legal scrutiny from campaign experts for cutting large checks to failed candidates.” 

And which failed Democrat candidate is involved with these secret progressive groups? 

None other than radically liberal Kirsten Engel. 

Engel was listed as a “fellow” of this payout scheme, but she didn’t disclose any income from the groups on her filings.

And she refused to answer for it.

“We now know where radical, defund-the-police activist Kristen Engel is taking her P’s & Q’s from: liberal special interest groups who want to bankroll her failed runs for Congress,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “Arizona voters deserve to hear from her directly why she’s listed as a ‘fellow’ of these shadow progressive groups, how much money she took and if she will return it.”

Read the full investigative report here.