Where In The World Is Danny O’Connor?

Remember in February 2018 when Danny O’Connor touted his work on The Data Processing Board?

Well, The Washington Free Beacon just reported that Danny has skipped 47% (!!!) of the board meetings since taking office – skipping 56% of the board meetings in 2017, before announcing his run for Congress.

And how often did The Data Processing Board meet?

Just ONCE a month!

This is not a good look for someone who is running for Congress and would have to attend hearings and meetings…

“Danny O’Connor campaigns on the work of The Data Processing Board, but neglects to mention the fact that he has skipped nearly 50% of the boards meetings in since taking office. If this omission indicates anything, it’s that O’Connor is wrong for OH-12 and Ohioans deserve better.”  – Michael Byerly, CLF spokesman.