VIDEO: Crooked Cartwright ducks out to avoid questions on his ethics complaint

Folks are looking for answers on Crooked Matt Cartwright’s ethics scandal, but rather than trying to take responsibility for abusing his office, Crooked Cartwright is going to desperate lengths to avoid any question on the matter.

After news broke that a formal ethics complaint had been filed against him by an independent watchdog, Cartwright was stopped and asked point-blank why he thought it was appropriate to write legislation that would provide a direct financial windfall to his family’s law firm.

And, looking guilty as ever, Cartwright quickly runs off and ducks into the closest room to avoid the question.

Click here to watch Crooked Cartwright’s cowardly dodge

A real profile in courage!

“Crooked Matt Cartwright owes Pennsylvanians answers to why he thought it would be ok to abuse the powers of his office to line his own pockets,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “And Crooked Cartwright’s cowardly attempts to avoid taking responsibility for his actions only make him look even more corrupt.”