Vicente Gonzalez is oddly quiet on this

Paging Vicente Gonzalez!

120,000 Texas jobs and $65 million in revenue for roads, public schools and health care are all at risk, thanks to Joe Biden and his plan to ban fracking on federal lands in Texas.

Vicente Gonzalez, however, hasn’t found the courage to make a single peep about it. Will Gonzalez put his constituents’ jobs, or the radical left’s environmental agenda first?

“Vicente Gonzalez’ refusal to speak out against Biden’s plan to destroy the Texas energy industry, eliminate good paying jobs, and dry up funding for school and health care tells voters all they need to know about his misguided priorities,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Texas families are struggling to make ends meet as it is and need Congressman Gonzalez to do his part to protect good paying Texas jobs.”