Underwood-Casten tax cuts for the wealthy

Remember when Lauren Underwood and Sean Casten decried giving “gigantic tax cuts for the wealthy,” then got to Congress and immediately introduced a bill that … cut taxes exclusively for the wealthy?

(You know, people like the big CEOs funding Underwood’s campaign?)

We sure do!

CNBC absolutely scorched the Underwood-Casten tax bill this morning, calling both of them out by name, saying their bill “would lower taxes on the highest earners, lower revenues and create little or zero benefits for the middle class.”  

Click here to watch the clip.

As a reminder: here’s Underwood whining about the tax bill last year.

And here’s Casten saying we don’t need tax cuts for the wealthy on his campaign site.

Turns out Underwood and Casten were the only two “never meant to benefit middle-class families.”