TJ Cox: every worker deserves a living wage (unless they work for me)

Congressman TJ Cox says “every worker deserves a living wage,” but when it came to paying his own employees, TJ refused to pay them so long that government agents were forced raid his property and seize his assets in order to pay them what was due.

SHOT: TJ Cox: “every worker deserves a living wage,” “the paychecks of millions of hardworking Americans don’t go as far as they used to.” (VIDEO)

CHASER: Sacramento Bee: TJ Cox stiffed his employees, “took 2 years to pay wages he owed.” Cox refused to pay, “prompting government officials to attempt to seize his property and take liens against the company’s mining assets.”

“From his numerous ethical lapses to the never-ending revelations of his shady business dealings, TJ Cox is everything that’s gone wrong in Washington,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “TJ is always looking to skirt the rules to make a quick buck, which is why he has no business going back to Congress.”