the longer this goes on…

“Ugly.” “Outright disrespectful.” “Civil war.” Those are some of the words reporters have used to describe the Democrats total meltdown this week.

There’s no need to spin it: this week has been an unmitigated disaster for House Democrats. And it’s decimating their chances in 2020 by showing voters in key swing districts that the Democrats still aren’t ready for primetime.

But don’t just take my word for it… here’s what voters back home are reading this week:

  • Washington Post: House Democrats Boil Over
  • AP: Nancy Pelosi Issues Warning To Star-Powered ‘Squad’ Democrats: ‘Do Not Tweet’ Complaints
  • The Intercept: Nancy Pelosi Has Chosen Her War, And It’s With Her Own Party’s Future
  • New York Times: Tensions Between Pelosi And Progressive Democrats Of ‘The Squad’ Burst Into Flame
  • The Hill: Democratic Lawmaker Unloads On Ocasio-Cortez, Chief Of Staff For ‘Using The Race Card’
  • Politico: Pelosi Scrambles To Placate Splintered Dems
  • NPR: Pelosi Clashes With ‘Progressive Squad’ As Internal Party Tensions Get Personal
  • Washington Times: Pelosi Warns Left Wing To Control Attacks
  • CNN: Dispute Between Pelosi And ‘The Squad’ Has House Democrats Pleading For Unity
  • USA Today: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar And Rashida Tlaib Fire Back At Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Twitter World’ Quip
  • New York Times: Pelosi Appeals For Democratic Unity While Dressing Down Dissenters
  • Washington Free Beacon: Pelosi’s House Of Pain
  • Newsweek: Nancy Pelosi Vs. ‘The Squad”: Inside The Civil War Threatening To Fracture The Democrats House Majority
  • Washington Post: ‘Outright Disrespectful’: Four House Women Struggle As Pelosi Isolates Them

“The Democrats are showing voters all across America that their party has absolutely no idea what it’s doing,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “And the longer the socialist clown car the Democratic Party has become continues to fall apart, the more vulnerable their members become next fall.”