the Democrats’ civil war is going SUPER well

The Democrats’ civil war over socialism is going super, super well.

After historic turnout among young voters, the Democrats have figured out exactly the tactics they need to win again: blacklist their own candidates and be sure to tick off their youngest organizers.


College Democrats from more than seventy (70!!!) campuses around the nation have joined a quickly growing list of chapters boycotting the Democrats’ principle campaign committee, refusing to lend their resources to help them fundraise or organize after their policy of “blacklisting” progressive (read: socialist) challengers.

The list has quickly doubled in size, showing what a headwind the Democrats are facing after infuriating their own base.

Sounds like a winning strategy for sure!

College Democrats Protest of Democratic Campaign Arm Grows to 70
Jenni Fink

In just two weeks, the Harvard College Democrats-spearheaded boycott of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) over a “blacklist” of vendors who work with Democratic incumbent challengers almost doubled in size.

On April 24, the Harvard University chapter of the College Democrats announced the boycott, which included a coalition of about 40 chapters. Students weren’t alone in their criticism of the DCCC. About a month before the boycott’s announcement, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez called the policy “extremely divisive and harmful to the party.” She recommended small-dollar donors give directly to candidates instead.

Since it was first posted, the coalition continued to grow in size, first to over 50 chapters on April 28 and then to more than 70 chapters as of Tuesday morning.

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