Susie Lee “violated the law once again”

It’s not déjà vu — Susie Lee is at it again. According to a new Business Insider report, Susie Lee “whom Insider previously found violating the STOCK Act by failing to properly disclose trades worth up to $3.3 million, has violated the law once again.

Lee and her husband failed to report eight stock trades on time in 2021. Ironically, Lee claims to support a ban on members of Congress directing trades of individual stocks.

Clearly, Susie isn’t one for practicing what she preaches.

“While Nevadans watch their paychecks get ripped away by inflation, swindling Susie Lee is still using her taxpayer office to line her own pockets,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Susie Lee continuing to skirt the law to make herself rich is exactly why Nevadans should show her the door.”