Survey says… inflation is hurting families

Democrats have demolished families’ paychecks, driven up prices across the board, and now families say they’re feeling the pinch.

According to new polling from the New York Times:

  • 57% of workers say they received a pay raise, but it hasn’t kept up with rising prices
  • 81% of voters say inflation is negatively impacting their finances
  • 88% are “concerned” about inflation, with 60% “very concerned” about inflation 
  • Voters by 2:1 margin say they are “worse off” rather than “better off” now financially than they were a year ago
  • 65% of voters say we are headed to widespread unemployment or a depression

And, worries about inflation have caused confidence in the economy to plummet to the lowest level in a decade.  

“Working Americans are seeing the consequences of Democrats’ economic disaster first hand,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Democrats caused an inflation crisis that sent prices through the roof, burned through families’ paychecks, and is crushing the middle class.”