Spanberger Tries to Erase Anti-Cop Record

Abigail Spanberger is working overtime to memory-hole her anti-law enforcement record, telling Politico the “defund the police” slogan was “a terrible idea.”

But words < action. Spanberger recently cashed a $5000 check from a group with a “litmus test” that requires all candidates seeking their endorsement to promise that they will “reduce the annual budget for law enforcement.”

She also voted *for* Nancy Pelosi’s anti-cop bill, voted *against* condemning calls to defund the police and even marched with radicals that demanded cutting police budgets.

“Abigail Spanberger can run but she can’t hide from her anti-cop record,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Spanberger is clearly panicked voters will discover that her actual actions against law enforcement do not match her phony grandstanding.