Slotkin turns on Israel

Elissa Slotkin must have gotten her latest talking points from anti-Semite and anti-Israeli extremist, Rashida Tlaib.

On MSNBC, Slotkin took America’s strongest ally in the Middle East threw them under the bus, accusing Israel of not engaging in a “proportional response” even as Hamas terrorists continue raining missiles down on Israeli civilians.

So much for all of Slotkin’s high and mighty talk about needing to back our allies and ensuring they will “be able to trust us.”

“Elissa Slotkin is cowering to the far-left once again, even when it means betraying our strongest ally in the Middle East as they fight to protect their citizens against terrorist attacks on their homeland,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Our allies need to know America will have their backs, but Elissa Slotkin will sell them out at first chance to appease her radical, anti-Israel base.”