Shot/Chaser: Hayes Defends Anti-Israel Activists

SHOT: Jahana Hayes claims to be pro-Israel saying, “my work on behalf of my Jewish constituents speaks for itself.”

CHASER: In the exact same X thread, Hayes defended a letter she penned praising the “impactful work” of CAIR, an anti-Israel group that even the White House disavowedAnd she defended her other letters expressing her support of CAIR.

And that’s not all… Take a look at Jahana Hayes’ staunch anti-Israel record:

“Hayes continues to try to rewrite the script,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Hayes actually tries to defend her record on Israel while simultaneously defending anti-Israel activists. One thing is for certain: Jahana Hayes is no friend of our great ally in the Middle East, and Connecticut voters won’t forget it.”