Secret Progressive Group That Paid Vargas $60K “Likely Violated Federal Law”

A secret progressive group, who paid Tony Vargas $60,000 to run for Congress, was hit with an ethics complaint after it “likely violated federal law” by making illegal contributions to federal candidates.  

This liberal organization was found to have funneled thousands upon thousands to failed Democrat candidates like rerun Tony Vargas to “ensure repeat Democratic congressional hopefuls get paychecks between runs.” 

And yes, this is the same Tony Vargas who says he “won’t be bought by special interests.” Clearly, that was a lie.

“Tony Vargas is a fraud,” said CLF Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Vargas is nothing more than a self-serving politician beholden to shady special interests. Tony Vargas should give back the cash and apologize to Nebraskans.”