Salas Backs “Defund the Police” Activists

Rudy Salas is trying to portray himself as a “tough-on-crime” candidate, but a scathing new report from RealClearPolitics tells the real story.

Salas is proudly touting the endorsement of Equality California – a progressive lobbying group that “helped usher in some of the most controversial changes to criminal justice laws across the state in recent years.”

The radical group (that gave Salas a 100% rating) aggressively campaigned for dangerous criminal reforms like:

  • Eliminating cash bail
  • Cutting probation time for criminals
  • Removing legal protections for police
  • Defunding the police

“Rudy Salas wants Californians to believe he’s tough on crime, but his record proves he’s anything but,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Salas is just another far-left extremist backing a dangerous, anti-police progressive agenda and cannot be trusted to keep California families safe.”