Running out of options in Nevada

Nevadans are running out of options when it comes to their health care coverage.

According to a news report14 Nevada counties could be left without a single insurance provider next year.

The Affordable Care Act is broken, yet Reps. Jacky Rosen and Ruben Kihuen refuse to fix it. In fact, Rosen has said she would have voted for the Affordable Care Act if she were in Congress at the time, and Kihuen wants to continue to expand the crippling policies that are causing Nevadans to run out of options.

By refusing to work with Republicans on health care reform, Rosen and Kihuen seem to think the current status quo of less coverage, less options and higher premiums are just fine for their constituents.


VIDEO: Rosen Said She Would Have Voted For The Affordable Care Act Had She Been In Congress At The Time. PBS’ JON RALSTON: “Lets talk about healthcare. You’ve talked about the Affordable Care Act; you said it’s a good first step. I think you mentioned or I know that your husband is a doctor a radiologist.” ROSEN: “He is, he’s a radiologist.” RALSTON: “Let me show people more of what you had to say about the Affordable Care Act [shows Rosen interview with the Las Vegas Sun]. You would have voted for the Affordable Care Act had you been in Congress?” ROSEN: “I believe I would have yes.” (Jacky Rosen On Ralston Live, PBS, 5/12/16) Minute 15:43-16:25

Rosen Called ObamaCare A “Fabulous First Step.” “Rosen applauded the Affordable Care Act as a ‘fabulous first step,’ highlighting protections for people with pre-existing conditions. ‘That’s what tied people to jobs. They were afraid to quit because, ‘Oh my gosh, I have high blood pressure. Who’s going to give me private health insurance?’ or ‘It’s going to be so much,’ Rosen said. ‘There have been a lot of things in there that are really great.’” (Megan Messerly, “Congressional Candidate Jacky Rosen Talks Issues From Health Care To National Security,” Las Vegas Sun, 4/20/16)

Kihuen Expressed Interest In Expanding The Affordable Care Act. “Asked if he supported a single-payer system, Kihuen said, ‘As of right now, I think we’ve got to continue working on expanding the Affordable Care Act.’”(Michelle Rindels, “Nevada Democratic front runners meet for final House debate,” Associated Press, 6/9/16)