Report: Axne passed anti-police litmus test

According to reports today, a major financial backer of Cindy Axne’s campaign is pushing a “litmus test” that requires all candidates seeking their endorsement to promise that they will “reduce the annual budget for law enforcement.”

Axne cashed a $5000 check from the group, so it’s safe to say Axne passed their test and supports defunding the police, even as crime continues to skyrocket. 

No wonder she voted in Congress to undermine law enforcement and has refused to condemn calls to defund police. 

“From voting to undermine law enforcement to accepting campaign cash from AOC’s extreme anti-police group, it’s clear Cindy Axne has sold out to the radical left,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Crime is out of control and politicians like Cindy Axne continue to enable it at every turn.”