Rep. Stevens wants us to pay how much?!

Today is Tax Day, a day when Americans of all stripes are confronted by just how much of their hard-earned paycheck is confiscated by the federal government. But for Congresswoman Haley Stevens, it’s a day that serves as a great opportunity to look back on all the ways she and her clown car of socialists in the House would have Americans pay even more in taxes, if they have their way in 2020.

Reporters: if you see Congresswoman Stevens, in honor of today’s occasion, please ask her how she feels about her party’s reckless ideas, like…

CLF COMMENT: “Congresswoman Stevens has sat complicit for too long as her socialist friends in the House have marched forward with extreme plans to raise taxes on just about everything from retirement savings and family nest eggs, to small businesses and workers’ hard-earned paychecks,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Stevens owes Michigan an explanation for why she thinks families should be expected to put less on the table in order to pay for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s extreme socialist agenda.”