(OH-01) More bad news for Aftab Pureval…

Hi there –

In case you missed it, the Cincinnati Enquirer obtained “Aftab Pureval’s secret poll.”

And this is very, very, very bad news for Pureval…

The Cincinnati Enquirer reports:

The poll itself – which until now has been held secret by the Pureval campaign –undermines repeated claims by them that it was for both a future clerk of courts run and an exploration of a congressional run. The poll is headlined, “Polling in OH-1 shows opportunity for Aftab Pureval.”  

And there’s not one question about the 2020 clerk of court’s race. 

That’s a problem because if the poll was for both races, the spending would be permissible under Ohio campaign finance laws. But spending from a clerk of courts campaign fund solely for the purpose of a congressional run would be a violation of those laws.

Looks like Aftab Pureval has some explaining to do…

Read the full article here.

Michael Byerly
National Press Secretary
Congressional Leadership Fund