No Wonder Sue Altman’s Been Silent

bombshell report from Washington Free Beacon reveals that as head of the NJ chapter of the Working Families Party, progressive activist Sue Altman partnered with an anti-Israel group that is now funding the antisemitic encampment wreaking havoc at Rutgers University.

Despite claiming she’s against antisemitism, Altman has stayed silent as these dangerous protests have raged at Rutgers (Altman’s former employer), Columbia (Altman’s alma mater), and countless other campuses across the country.

But this report tells the real story: Altman is on the side of the antisemitic protestors.

“Sue Altman has tried to hide from the truth, but the facts are clear: Sue Altman is tied to these antisemitic encampments. If this progressive activist had it her way, she’d be front row at these protests,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Altman can claim she stands with Jewish students all she wants, but her record speaks for itself.”