Sue Altman’s Silence Speaks Volumes

Progressive activist Sue Altman wants you to believe she stands strong against antisemitism, but while a dangerous antisemitic mob takes over Columbia University’s campus – Altman has said NOTHING. 

Columbia – Altman’s Alma Mater –  has been overrun with agitators attacking Jewish students, calling for continued violence against Jews, and refusing to leave.

In-person classes have been canceled, and a Rabbi at the university said not even the police can “guarantee Jewish students’ safety.”

Why won’t Sue Altman condemn this violence and “stand strong” against antisemitism now???

“Violent protestors have taken over Sue Altman’s alma mater, physically harming Jewish students and spewing antisemitism. Yet Sue Altman has nothing to say? Disgusting,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Progressive extremist Sue Altman’s far-left allegiances have never been clearer.”