New Poll Finds Deluzio in Trouble Over Radical Energy Vote

new poll finds that a whopping 58% of Pennsylvania voters are opposed to Joe Biden’s liquefied natural gas (LNG) export ban.

This spells bad news for Chris Deluzio, who voted AGAINST overturning Biden’s LNG ban… then hurriedly tried to rewrite history last week, telling Politico he’s “opposed” to the ban.

Deluzio must be hoping voters aren’t paying attention to yet another Biden policy that is directly harmful to Pennsylvanians. Specifically, Biden’s LNG ban…

 This poll is just another example of how Chris Deluzio is moving further out of step with Pennsylvanians.

“Chris Deluzio’s voting record is on the wrong side of his constituents. Instead of backing Pennsylvania energy, he supported his party’s radical, anti-American energy agenda that puts over a hundred thousand Pennsylvanians’ jobs at risk,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “How much more out of touch can Deluzio get?”