NEW: Democrats blew COVID millions on luxury hotels, golf courses, and ski resorts

The American Rescue Plan set off an inflation crisis. And now a new AP investigationreveals millions of taxpayer money in the bill went to projects that had “little to do with combating the pandemic,” blown instead on pet projects and handouts for liberal elites.

Some examples:

  • $2 million to help a county purchase new ski slopes
  • $140 million to fund the building of new luxury hotel and 11,000 square foot spa
  • $6.6 million to upgrade 2 golf courses
  • $12 million to renovate a baseball stadium 

And that’s just some of the most egregious examples in the report.

“Democrats blew millions in COVID relief on golf courses, luxury resorts and handouts to elites, then stuck families with the bill,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “It was bad enough Democrats’ spending set off an inflation crisis, but it’s even worse that it was for millions of dollars that had nothing to do with fighting COVID.”