NEW: CLF CO-08 Poll Shows Caraveo in Trouble

A new CLF survey of Colorado’s 8th Congressional District shows Democrat incumbent Yadira Caraveo is already in deep trouble seven months out from Election Day.

This is the second poll in recent weeks that found Republican Gabe Evans leading Caraveo on the congressional ballot. Below are some of the key highlights from our poll:

Republican Gabe Evans leads on the Congressional Ballot: 

  • Gabe Evans – 42%
  • Yadira Caraveo – 41%

In a district President Biden won by five in 2020, President Trump is only down by one:

  • Trump – 44%
  • Biden – 45%

Biden’s job approval is underwater by seven points in CO-08:

  • 43% – Approve
  • 50% – Disapprove

Caraveo’s image is weak for an incumbent:

  • 38% – Fav
  • 29% – Unfav
  • 19% – Never heard of
  • 15% – No opinion

And when asked about the Denver migrant crisis crippling the state, 55% said they were less likely to vote for Caraveo with 39% strongly. Among Hispanic voters, 47% said they were less likely to vote for Caraveo.

“Coloradans are seeing the real-time impacts of Democrats’ failure to prevent or fix this overwhelming migrant crisis in Denver, and they’re ready to reject Yadira Caraveo as a result,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “Republicans have a strong candidate in former Army National Guard helicopter pilot, police officer, and state legislator Gabe Evans, and he is already well-positioned to send Caraveo packing this fall.” 

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