(MN-03) Multi-millionaire Dean Phillips’ big lie…

Last night at a debate, multi-millionaire Dean Phillips spoke about his businesses and providing health care for employees.

However, that hasn’t always been the case…

The Washington Examiner reported on Dean Phillips’ record of not providing health care to his employees, even though he believes it is a “moral right.”

Excerpts from The Washington Examiner article:

Dean Phillips, a Democratic House candidate in Minnesota, says that healthcare is a “moral right.” But he didn’t always offer it to his own employees.

Phillips, a progressive entrepreneur hoping to unseat incumbent Rep. Erik Paulsen, R-Minn., started Penny’s Coffee with his business partner in 2015…

Confronted with the apparent discrepancy at a debate with Paulsen on Tuesday, Phillips said the charge was “not true.” But asked point blank in an interview with Forbes last year, “Does the coffee shop you’ve started offer health insurance?” Phillips replied, “No, we don’t.” In the same interview, the candidate also argued “healthcare should be a moral right.

A City Pages profile published in January noted that Phillips “dragged his feet for a year before providing a plan to full-time employees at Penny’s.”

Read the full Washington Examiner article here.