Migrants Caught Attacking NY Police As Suozzi’s Migrant Crisis Rages On

Newly released surveillance video shows two NYPD officers getting attacked by migrants, as New York struggles under the weight of NYC Mayor Adams and Tom Suozzi’s migrant crisis.

Adams admitted there are a number of migrants” committing crimes like robbery and assault, as more than 170,000 illegal migrants overwhelm the state.

And Adams crony Tom Suozzi brought this crisis to the Empire State when he “kicked ICE out of Nassau County.”

And his open-borders agenda, like voting to fund the sanctuary city policies destroying New York communities, has only made this crisis worse.

“Tom Suozzi’s extreme, open-borders policies helped usher in this migrant crisis, and now police officers are being attacked for trying to protect New York communities and help keep families safe,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “New Yorkers can’t trust Suozzi to fix this migrant crisis and secure the border.”