Migrant Crisis Update: NY Dems Defund Public Safety Resources

Today, the Subcommittee on Emergency Management & Technology unearthed shocking revelations about New York’s migrant crisis and how the latest budget cuts from Mayor Adams are endangering New Yorkers.

  • Uniformed Firefighters Association President Andrew Ansbro testified that the FDNY budget has been reduced by $75 million, and they’ve been forced to cut staff at 20 of the busiest engine companies, saying the budget strains will “definitely cause loss of life.”
  • Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman said they’ve seen a surge in crime by migrants who have engaged in all types of criminal activity from drug dealing, car theft, burglary to more violent crimes,” and that liberal bail reform is giving more rights to criminals than they do the victims.”
  • Upstate NY sheriff David Favro, who testified at the hearing, disclosed major staffing shortages and said, “the current administration’s policies, the discretionary approach to border security and immigration laws allows criminals and cartels to thrive in our very own backyards.”

As of late November, approximately 146,000 migrants have arrived in New York since the spring of 2022, and NYC is expected to spend $12 billion on migrants through 2025.

82% of New Yorkers say the recent influx of migrants to the state is a “serious” problem, yet every House Democrat voted against securing the border.

“Enough is enough,” said CLF Spokeswoman Courtney Parella. “What will it take for President Biden and Democrats to secure our border and get this migrant crisis under control?”