McClatchy: House Dems admit impeachment was a huge mistake

Vulnerable Dems are finally admitting it: impeachment was a huge mistake. Today, McClatchy reports that voters on the campaign trail are literally begging vulnerable Democrats to get back to work on real issues, and the quotes from Dems in the story are definitely 👀 👀 👀

REP. AMI BERA (D-CA): “In some ways there might be impeachment fatigue from some of the constituents. They seem more interested in talking about policy, drug pricing, infrastructure. Many of my constituents probably want to see Congress move on.”

REP. SHARICE DAVIDS (D-KS): “I definitely hear a lot more about health care (and) infrastructure.”

REP. JOSH HARDER (D-CA): “The people I work for are clearly more focused on water, health care, and jobs than impeachment.”

Point is: Democrats let their obsession with removing Trump get the best of them – and now they’re paying the price.