🚨🚨 MAX ROSE: Bernie is “fantastic”

As of late, Max Rose sure likes to pretend that he wants nothing to do with Bernie. But newly uncovered video shows Max Rose absolutely gushing over Bernie, saying he did “fantastic things.” Max Rose goes on to give Bernie the nod for his work to ban private health insurance and says he should “be applauded.”

No wonder Max Rose faked a phone call today to avoid answering questions on if he’d support Bernie as the party’s nominee in 2020…


“Max Rose is as phony as they come,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Max Rose was utterly gushing over Bernie Sanders and his work to push the Democratic Party to socialism in 2016, and now wants pretends like he wants nothing to do with him. Max Rose is always saying one thing, then doing another. It’s why voters will send him packing in just a few months.”