Max Rose backs impeachment, proves he’s just as obsessed with removing Trump as every other Democrat

Even Max Rose couldn’t shake his obsession with impeaching President Trump. Despite bellyaching for weeks about bipartisanship and lamenting that impeachment will “tear our country apart” in an op-ed for the Staten Island Advance, just now Max Rose threw it all aside to support impeaching the President who won his district by 10 points.

“Washington Democrats have wasted 3 years looking for any excuse to impeach President Trump, and Max Rose just proved he’s no different from the rest of them,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Rather than spending his time in office accomplishing anything for his constituents, Max Rose would rather waste the next year on another pointless fishing expedition, trying to impeach the President his constituents elected in the 2016 election. Max Rose’s constituents won’t forget that kind of betrayal and it’ll cost him his seat in 2020.”