Malinowski’s Still A Crook

The poster boy for Congressional insider trading, Tom Malinowski, is desperately trying to paper over his record of sketchy stock trades. But voters won’t forget how Malinowski continues to put profit first and integrity last.

A walk down memory lane:

  • House ethics panel extends probe of Malinowski over unreported stock trades
  • Free Beacon: Malinowski Reveals Millions of Dollars in Undisclosed Stock Trades
  • The Hill: Ethics watchdog finds ‘substantial’ evidence Rep. Malinowski failed to disclose stocks
  • Business Insider: Congressional ethics officials find ‘substantial reason to believe’ Democratic Rep. Tom Malinowski violated federal conflict-of-interest rules
  • NJ Globe: Ethics committee continues Malinowski inquiry
  • AP: As pandemic spread pain and panic, congressman chased profit
  • New York Post: Malinowski takes cash from convicted terrorist financier

“Malinowski is the poster child for Washington corruption and no desperate, last-minute jockeying will let voters forget it,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Stopping Congressional insider trading starts with firing Tom Malinowski.”