Malinowski still “aggressively trading stocks”

Business Insider reports Congressman Tom Malinowski is still “aggressively trading stocks” in pandemic-related companies – despite his high horsed pledges to set up a blind trust, unending finger wagging at Members of Congress who did the same, and multiple investigations into his shady stock trades.


According to new reports, Malinowski has continued trading stock in companies like Peloton, DoorDash, and CM Life Sciences, long after reports surfaced about his misdeeds. The news comes just days after CLF launched and a sustained advertising effort targeting Malinowski for lining his pockets while his constituents suffered.


Serious question for reporters: if Malinowski is doubling down on his stock trades, is there really any chance he’d be so foolish as to run for re-election?


“Congressman Malinowski doubling down on the same shady behavior that got him into this mess shows he’s learned absolutely nothing from his scandal,” said CLF Communications Director Calvin Moore. “Clearly, Congressman Malinowski believes his personal profit is more important that his ethical obligation to his constituents.”