Malinowski sings a new tune on impeachment

Tom Malinowski seems to be having quite the change of heart when it comes to impeachment. Just a few weeks ago, Malinowski couldn’t stop bragging that he was “the first member of the House elected in a swing district” to come out for impeaching the President.

Now, he’s trying to backpedal his extremism, telling New Jerseyans “I don’t want anyone jumping up for joy. This (impeachment) is a last resort.”

Odd, given that Tom Malinowski was literally jumping for joy at having been the first to back impeachment just a few weeks back. I wonder what’s changed? 🤔

“Tom Malinowski is changing his tune to try and save himself after realizing what an electoral pickle he’s created for himself in backing the far-left on impeachment,” said CLF Spokesman Calvin Moore. “Unfortunately, it’s too late for Malinowski to walk it back now that he let his hatred for President Trump torch any chance of delivering on even a single priority he promised on the campaign trail.”