Mainers say Golden to blame for high heating prices

Heating oil prices are skyrocketing – costing families nearly 50% more to heat their homes this winter — and Mainers say Congressman Jared Golden is responsible for it. Fox News interviewed local Mainers about their soaring heating bills, and the quotes tell a dire tale:

  • “I just know that I did not have these types of problems before President Biden took office. I didn’t have these concerns. I [attribute] it 100% to Washington, D.C.” – Maine Senior

  • “We simply don’t have savings. A single gap in wages can be very detrimental. When you add to that increased heating costs, utility costs, food costs, gas costs, home costs, we’re seeing a significant impact on Maine families.” – Local nonprofit leader that works with low-income families.
  • “It seems to be the average middle-class American that feels that the most.” – Maine Senior

It costs more than ever to feed your family and heat your home, and Mainers know they have Jared Golden and the Democrats’ failed policies to thank for it,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Mainers won’t forget that with Jared Golden in Congress, the Democrats’ reckless agenda has made it even harder for working Americans to get by.”