Inside Democrats’ brutal focus groups

Politico Playbook reports that Democrats hosted a series of focus groups and the results show why Democrats are in such a tough spot heading into the midterms.

Here’s what voters had to offer about how things are going:

  • FEELINGS ON THE ECONOMY?” “Exhausted,” “uptight,” “unsure,” “concerned” and “anxious.”
  • ON PRICE INCREASES: “It just seems like everything is going up and there’s no end in sight.”
  • ON THE COST OF LIVING: “No one can live off of that, especially with inflation.”
  • ON GETTING THINGS DONE: “I think Democrats have just been really ineffectual.” “Democrats [are] running the House and they’re not getting much done.”
  • ON CRIME: “It’s out of control.”

“Democrats’ one-party control has been a total disaster for the American people,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Voters know exactly who to blame for record high prices and high crime that’s made life more dangerous and expensive by the day.”