ICYMI: Longest-Serving Woman in Congress with Little to Show for It

Marcy Kaptur – who holds the title of the longest-serving woman in Congress – recently said her super power is “getting things done,” but a Fox News report found otherwise.

During her 41-year career in Congress, Kaptur has introduced just five bills that became law.

So, what has Kaptur done in all that time? Cozied up to Joe Biden.

From backing his radical agenda to singing his praises, Kaptur has proven that her time in Congress is dedicated to backing Biden, not Ohioans:

“Marcy Kaptur embodies the worst of politics – someone who overstays their welcome while failing to deliver for their constituents. And to make matters worse, she’s backing Joe Biden’s toxic agenda that’s making life worse for Ohio families,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “It’s time to retire Marcy Kaptur and give Ohioans a representative who puts them first.”