ICYMI: Kaptur “Thrilled” Over Biden’s One-Year Late OH Visit

In case you missed it, Joe Biden visited East Palestine for the first time since last year’s train derailment, where Ohioans had over a million gallons of “hazardous materials” dumped into their community – causing severe health problems.

Kaptur has seemingly focused on accountability following this accident, but when it comes to President Biden and his administration, she happily neglects her responsibility to her community. She even went so far to say she’s “thrilled” that Biden dropped by over a year after the accident.

Marcy Kaptur continues to show her first priority is to work for Joe Biden, not the people in her community.

And she’s done this time and again.

“President Biden ignored Ohioans in their time of need, but instead of holding him accountable for it, Marcy Kaptur is still singing his praises,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “Marcy Kaptur has made her priorities clear: It’s Joe Biden’s agenda first and Ohioans last, and Ohio voters won’t forget it.”