Horrible Bosses: Gottheimer Edition

Congressman Josh Gottheimer and Amy Klobuchar are neck and neck in the battle to be Capitol Hill’s most Horrible Boss.

While Gottheimer isn’t notorious for eating salad with a comb (as far as we know), according to today’s extremely eye-opening expose in The Intercept:

  • Gottheimer frequently “pits staffers against each other, screams easily, throws pens with regularity, and berates aides if they are asleep when he sends an email, no matter the time of night.”
  • Gottheimer aides once needed to enlist New Jersey’s state Senate Majority Leader to calm down one of Gottheimer’s temper tantrums.
  • After an event went south, “Gottheimer spotted the car of the staffer who had driven him to the event and channeled all of his rage on it, raining blow after blow down upon its roof.”
  • Gottheimer “cycles through staff at a startling speed. Of the 535 members of the House and Senate, Gottheimer had the 10th highest turnover in 2018.”
  • Gottheimer’s outbursts are so frequent that his staffers even recognize familiar callouts: “Are you out of your f**ing mind?” and “Are you high?”

Josh Gottheimer certainly gives Klobuchar a run for her money. Maybe he also views horrible staff treatment as a prerequisite to running for President.

Check out the must-read report here.