Donna Shalala must investigate FL Democrats’ PPP Loan

Donna Shalala was appointed to the Congressional Coronavirus Oversight Panel to oversee the distribution of Paycheck Protection Program loans.

We are now learning the Florida Democratic Party broke federal guidelines and received $780,000 in PPP money, designed for small businesses, through a pass-through company to hide the destination of the fund. Now Florida Politics just revealed that the DNC was likely aware of the state party’s shady dealings as well.

Now Donna Shalala must investigate:

  • How the Florida Democratic Party received a PPP loan when political parties are supposed to be ineligible;
  • How the Florida Democratic Party’s Building Fund, an entity created last year to support a new headquarters in Tallahassee, could claim 100 employees in its Federal PPP loan application;
  • How the money wound up being transferred from the building fund to the party’s campaign accounts;
  • If the Democratic National Committee was aware that the state party was breaking the law by applying for the funds.

“If Donna Shalala can’t do her job on the Coronavirus Oversight Panel she has no business in Congress,” said CLF Spokesman Will Reinert. “If Congresswoman Shalala holds back on an investigation just because her party’s state and national committees may have broken the law it shows the jaw-dropping lengths Shalala will go to protect the Democrats in an election year at the expense of Florida taxpayers.”