Does Dan Kildee Think We’re in a Recession?

The Biden Administration is insisting the economy is not headed for a recession.

But economists agree, and despite the Biden Administration’s attempt to redefine the word: two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth is the textbook definition of a recession.

Never mind that polls say majorities of the American people believe the US is *already* in a recession.

 The GDP report this morning shows the economy shrank again in Q2, and Dan Kildee needs to go on record: is the United States in a recession?

Michiganders are struggling to pay the bills and yet Democrats like Dan Kildee and Joe Biden continue denying the pain families are feeling in Democrats’ economy,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Voters deserve to know if Kildee will level with his constituents or continue shirking responsibility for this economic nightmare.”