dodgy T.J. dodged his taxes

Yesterday was Tax Day, which for Congressman TJ Cox, means it was just another day to blow off paying his “fair share.”

The Fresno Bee reports this morning that TJ Cox has dodged his taxes for years, earning scores of tax liens owed by him and his sprawling network of shady businesses.

Apparently, TJ doesn’t mind raising taxes on Americans ‘cause when his share comes due, he knows he’ll just refuse to pay!

In case you missed it…

California’s most vulnerable Democrat is still untangling his tax liens heading into 2020
Fresno Bee
April 16, 2019

A freshman San Joaquin Valley congressman who narrowly unseated an incumbent in November has a complicated financial history that includes multiple tax liens and a delinquent debt that caused the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office to warn him that it could seize his property.

Some of his financial entanglements were reported during his 2018 congressional campaign, including an IRS lien against him and his wife. McClatchy has obtained new records showing that the Fresno County Sheriff’s Office was involved in collecting an arbitration payment five years ago, as well as recent liens against two of his companies.

“This shows the operators of these businesses were negligent at the very least, or willfully not paying their taxes,” said Sam Brotman, principal at the tax attorney firm Brotman Law based in San Diego.

Records obtained by McClatchy show two liens filed against Cox businesses within the past year — $20,700 in liens against a consulting company called California Customs Processing LLC by Madera County over unsecured property taxes and about $8,700 against Sierra Meadows Senior Living LLC by the California Franchise Tax Board.

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Fresno Bee: California’s most vulnerable Democrat is still untangling his tax liens heading into 2020