Did Vicente Gonzalez REALLY Say That?

Vicente Gonzalez made some shocking and disgusting comments to The New Republic, saying “when you see ‘Latinos for Trump,’ to me it is like seeing ‘Jews for Hitler,’ almost, you know?”

What is wrong with him???

Not only is this a repulsive comment and reflective that he doesn’t have a good understanding of the Hispanic community, it goes to show that the left doesn’t think that they have to earn voter support. They believe they are entitled to it. 

Meanwhile, Joe Biden and the Democrat party have brought the American dream to its knees – crime is raging across the country, education is in crisis, our border is a disaster, and everything is more expensive. 

This is exactly why Americans are looking for an alternative and moving to the Republican party. 

“Vicente Gonzalez’s comments are absolutely disgusting,” said CLF Regional Press Secretary Maureen O’Toole. “No American should ever be intimidated or pressured into voting a certain way based on their ethnicity or color of their skin. But then to make light of one of the worst events in world history to do it? Despicable. Vicente Gonzalez should apologize for his egregious and disrespectful comments immediately.”