Democrat chaos piles up

Democrats have racked up failures and new crises in every direction. And today’s headlines show just how much Democrats have really “mucked it up,” to borrow a phrase.

  • Schools are closed“Monday was the fourth straight day Chicago Public Schools were canceled, due to the teachers’ union’s vote to refuse to teach in school buildings.”

  • Crime is running rampant: “Manhattan District Attorney has instructed prosecutors to ask judges for jail time only for the most egregious crimes…This is happening at a time when violent crime is up dramatically since 2019 in major cities.”

  • Toxic policy agenda“New York mayor Eric Adams, who has pronounced himself ‘the new face of the Democratic Party,’ decided this week to allow non-citizens to vote in New York City elections.” Reminder: this is an idea championed by Pelosi-successor Hakeem Jeffries!

  • Going “backwards” on COVID: ‘“In terms of the communication and the trust in the CDC, it feels like we have gone backwards,” said Leana Wen, a former Baltimore health commissioner.”

Meanwhile, House Democrats were supposed to run *on* Biden’s policy agenda, and instead they’re running *away* from it,

  • Running from BBB: “At least seven other Democrats who are running in the most competitive GOP-held House districts have said nothing or vanishingly little about Build Back Better. Most of those candidates have not so much as mentioned the name of the bill in their social media posts and campaign materials.”

No wonder they’re going to lose their majority.

“Democrats have control of every level of government, but have utterly failed to address every major issue our country faces,” said CLF Press Secretary Cally Perkins. “Democrats will lose their Majority and have no one to blame but themselves.”