D.C. Hits 250 Homicides As Crime Remains “Very Serious” Problem in U.S.

Over the weekend, the District of Columbia tragically reached 250 homicides – the most D.C. has recorded in over two decades.

Let’s not forget that 173 House Democrats voted to reduce penalties for violent crimes in our nation’s capital just earlier this year.

But D.C. isn’t the only city facing this problem.

Violent crime rates are still uncomfortably high in other blue-run cities, where Democrats have taken steps to defund the police.

Meanwhile, a recent Gallup poll reveals 63% of Americans describe the crime problem in the U.S. as either “extremely” or “very serious,” which is up from 54% in 2021.

“House Democrats are completely out of touch with everyday Americans, who clearly recognize there is a crime crisis in our country,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “First, Democrats try to defund the police then try to lessen penalties for violent criminals. Voters can’t trust Democrats to stand up for law enforcement and put a stop to this violent crime wave.”