Curtis Hertel Wants to Make Every City a Sanctuary City

Fox News report reveals DCCC-backed Curtis Hertel opposes local governments reporting illegal immigrants to ICE and supports sanctuary cities.

He even backed Lansing’s previous decision to declare itself a sanctuary city before city officials thought better of it. 

But that’s not all – Hertel DOUBLED DOWN when asked about this, again reiterating his out-of-touch position.

So if Hertel had his way, Lansing would join the list of sanctuary cities like New York and Chicago, which are overrun with undocumented immigrants to the point where city resources are getting axed and migrant crime is skyrocketing.

“There’s a reason immigration is top of voters’ minds, as cities are overrun with illegal immigrants, and innocent Americans, like Laken Riley, are being senselessly attacked by violent criminals who shouldn’t have been in our country to begin with,” said CLF Communications Director Courtney Parella. “If Curtis Hertel has his way, he’ll only make this illegal immigration crisis even worse. Michigan voters will reject Hertel’s out-of-touch, open-borders agenda.”